Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Development

So, I've found out some stuff about my super-powers (or lack thereof):
It is not flying. It is not invincibility.
I discovered this while rappelling off of the cliffs.

I also have a gash to prove it. It is gruesome looking, and I am not going to go into detail to describe it.

BUT, there is still the hope that my power is lying dormant...

I'll update this later. I'm wiped out.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I was radiated. Twice in one day. But there's always an upside... 

Before you start jumping to conclusions (as I realize that in this day and age radiation = cancer) know that I am well, for the most part, and have no life-threatening diseases (other than the normal ones) 

So after that disclaimer: 

Yesterday was an orthodontist day. Yay. My doctor is great, but there's only so much you can do to make wearing braces a "fun" experience. The fact that I have equipment in my mouth that could pay for a decent car doesn't help my dismal outlook... I digress. 

When I went in, I was informed that I was due for a x-ray. Oh boy. Talk about feeling like an experiment. I stood in a crazy contraption, wore a lead apron, and bit down on a piece of plastic while holding my head at a certain angle. The nurse flipped the start switch and quickly exited the room. Metal bars spun around my head.
I might like to add that before the nurse left the room, she told me to stand perfectly still. There's nothing like being made over-conscious of a simple task. I was able to keep my body from moving, but it was pure effort. 

After the examination, the doctor said he didn't really like the x-ray taken. He wanted a larger picture, or something along those lines. 
So we went through the x-ray process again. The hygienist/nurse joked about radiation exposure.

At least I hoped she was joking.

When I got home, I looked up radiation exposure. I came to find out that radiation exposure is what causes superpowers. 

Seriously. Google it. Super powers are caused by radiation. Wise Geek says so. It MUST be true.


I'm developing superpowers as I type this. 

And since the radiation was all targeted at my cranium, I'm sure it's going to unlock the telepathic (otherwise-inaccessible) part of my brain. 
Also, I'm going to fly. 
Maybe I'll be invincible. 

I can already tell a difference. 

Today, my senses are heightened. Every little noise catches my attention. Isn't that what initially happened to Spiderman?  Yup. I'm getting extra-sensory-perception. 

The naysayers (*cough* Mom and Dad *cough*) claim that my senses are extra-sensitive today because my teeth have been tightened. They say that my teeth are giving me a headache and possibly making me delusional. According to them, I have as much a chance of getting ESPN as ESP. 

All I can say is, "Go NY Giants!!" 

*sigh* there always will be critics...

But I'm going with the thought that my super-powers are developing. 

I'll keep you posted. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I'm a skilled notetaker. Just so you know. Those 3x5 index cards are COVERED with my minuscule handwriting... hopefully I can decipher it later.

Also, I learned/mastered Spanish.
It was soooo easy.

Psh, three years? It only took me three minutes!
(you want to learn that quickly too? Oh, alright. Keep it a secret though, 'kay?)
 Check this youtube video out:

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shopping and an embarrassing anecdote.

Today, I went shopping. [prepare yourself for a boring post...]
Not that this is unusual. I managed to not spend too much money, but I did actually find some deals!
I've already mentioned this, I'll say it again: Pinehurst has a jackpot of upscale resale shops. It's pretty amazingly awesome.
I flash-backed to that thrilling moment when I found my gorgeous prom dress. *cue music*

Today I found ANOTHER amazing designer gown in that same store.
I think the lady who owns the store needs to make me her mascot or something. I'll be her spokesperson, if only I can have first pick--for free? You see, every time we visit there, I find something stunning. Not fair that I don't have wads of cash. Turned out this dress was $365 buckaroos (a dollar towards it a day for the next year. Plus a few extra days for tax). 'Tis a shame.

OH! I know!

Uh, Mr. Obama? May I puh-leeze have a personal stimulus/bailout thingy too? Pretty please with a cherry on top??? You'll be my favorite if you do...

(see, I do keep up with current events, kinda)

Moving on.
We ate lunch at a cutesy cafe downtown. Every dish was "made fresh" [Translation: long wait.]  by a real chef. I don't know what the alternative would be...

After waiting on our food for over a half-hour, it arrived. I have to say, that was one good Greek salad.
"Hunger is the best sauce."
This was proved to be true. I was hungry, therefore the food was scrumptious.

{{So, I posted a form of this earlier, but it did not make coherent sense.
Because, you see, my lovely sister was pestering me.
It is HARD to type ANYTHING when every five seconds someone asks you if you're done yet.
I hastily finished, we went on a stroll, ate dinner, watched When in Rome [I <3-ed it], etc.,
just now I have re-read my completed post.
I'm sorry.
I redid it. 
Also, this is not my usual computer.
I apologize for the typos.}}

SPEAKING OF TYPOS, don't you just looove spam emails? I have many emails in my old inbox from the email I had when I was a youngster. Sadly, most of that is SPAM

(Spam video time! Click Here for the spam, spam spam spam, Spammity spam....)
I've almost believed a few of those.
Like the time one of my contacts emailed me to say they had been mugged in London. I saw through that one pretty fast. I KNEW that person didn't travel much. haha, spammers, haha

Then, I found out I was royalty. In Nigeria. After looking in a mirror, I think they had me confused with someone else...but IT WASN'T SPAM! They were right, after all. You're reading a Nigerian princesses blog! Are you starry-eyed yet?
***Disclaimer: This may  or may not have happened.***

Wouldn't it be fun to say that it had?

I enjoy making things up. It keeps you on your toes, you see. But only making up fun stuff.
Would you believe that I made this up?:

I once fell while walking.

(I know what you're thinking, and no, I didn't fall then. Well I did, but when you're a baby, that stuff doesn't count.
I'll narrow it down for you. Within the last five years this occured.
Still too broad?
Okay, this happened the past two years. How's that? I'm not getting any more specific than that...)


True Story. I did.

Embarrassed does not even begin to describe what I felt. (Stop laughing.)

Imagine, if you will, an adorable little one and a half year old. An adorable kiddo who loves to be chased.
Imagine me, chasing said kiddo.

Ok, I'll cut to the chase. Imagining takes too long.

So I'm chasing my cousin when
I fall.
I still have NO IDEA what happened. All I know is that I was on the hard, unforgiving floor. The floor wasn't slanted or bumpy. But there I was, facedown and moaning. It was a true freak of nature. Rather, I was a true freak of nature. There were witnesses.
I also have a scar to prove it. A scar of which I am not proud.

I shouldn't have confessed that factoid.
Now you know me.
A nerd AND a klutz??
You surely have a low opinion of me.
I'm gong to shut up now and post something later when I am in a more, uh, "dignified" frame of mind.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I've looked back at my blog archives. I've realized a few things.

1) I've gotten duller as of late.
2) My struggle with coffee has been ongoing...
3) I enjoy verb-age. (verb-ing??)
4) I sound A.D.D. (I think most of my generation has been diagnosed as such)

Yesterday I was told that when I write stuff, I type "nerdy".

Praise or put down? You tell me.

I do think that it's true. I type in complete sentences, even when texting.
How lame is that?

Sorry, but I WILL NOT give up the ability to spell words out. 

 Sometimes it gets to me to read: "i no rite?" or "heyyy gurl, 'sup?"

Is there something cool about looking so TERRIBLY illiterate? 
(If you do type like this, I apologize to you. It's nothing personal. Maybe you can enlighten me? I'd like that muchly.)

... another HUGE pet peeve of mine: "Your great!"
No, no, no, no NO!

It's you're, people, you're.

Your spelling is not so great. It needs attention and you're causing people to judge you. 
No one seems to get this.

I'm going to stop ranting now. Before I add too much to my "nerd-meter".

(I have one, everyone does. If your nerd-meter gets too high, there are repercussions. I had to get rid of my pocket protector because of the dire things that could happen. Ha, no. Juuussttt Kidding. Don't worry, I still use my pocket protector on a regular basis)

Whoops! NOT GOOD. This is NOT looking good for me-- 

What's another something that won't detract from the small amount of coolness I have left?
Nevermind. Nope, not my youtube vids. NOT those. If I want to maintain my image, you will NOT click the link I've added. You WILL NOT look at my silliness.
  ("where's the link?", you ask? Well, maybe it's here. But I didn't tell you that)

CHANGING the subject to something that does not reflect on me personally....

I painted a coffee mug this time last year, and I love it. It's HUGE and holds quite a bit of liquid.

Not that I'll be using it for coffee anytime soon.
I went in for a physical today. After the normal questions from the doctor, she asked me about my caffeine consumption. I told her I was cutting back A LOT. Maybe only having 8 oz a day (and lately it's been a cup of tea). She said I should go off of that stuff totally.


Is life to be devoid of all things I love now?
I asked about hot tea. She said it wasn't great for teens to have caffeine.

I should have told her I knocked back a few red bull a day and then asked about a harmless cup of tea. Teens everywhere write odes to the drug. Starbucks makes a pretty penny from the sale of steaming cups  filled with the stuff.

Sorry, maybe I overreacted.


After google-ing teens and caffeine, and looking at a few different nutrition sites, I learned that a wee bit of caffeine is okay.

But I will still be watching it. Don't worry about that. *wink*

Math math math

Math math math math.

I wish the lie that was prevalent in 1950 held true today...
Seventeen magazine said that math wasn't a girly subject. "Math is best left to real brains."
Ha. Hah.

...Oh wait.

That would make me....the inverse of "real brains"??

Uhmmm. Perhaps math is a wonderful thing!
I take that wish back.

No magic lamps around? Whew.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Movie making...

Last night, I was up late. Not that that is a huge anomaly, but I was up later than usual.
Wanna know why?
Well, it's silly now...but, I'll tell you.
I was making a video.
A video about skyping and southernness. I edited that baby like crazy. When I fell asleep, I was still thinking about what to add.
When I awoke this morning and watched the film again, I felt as though I had done all of that work for naught. The video was not what I had hoped.
Oh well, back to the drawing boards...

Perhaps a run will give me a fresh perspective and stimulate idea growth.
Running seems to be the cure-all elixer.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Seventeen Magazine tells me...

Finding hidden treasure is a wonderful feeling. I found some treasures recently, while moving from one room to another. (my sisters and I switch rooms periodically for a change of scenery)
One of these treasures is a Seventeen magazine.
I can guess what you're thinking. But it's not like that...I'm not so clingy to celeb gossip or the latest fad that will fade. What makes this issue unique is that it is from March of 1960.
It is a time machine to read the articles, flip through the pages and absorb the graphics and pictures. It's an educational and entertaining experience to view the magazines that my grandmothers at one time were reading when they were my age.

There are advertisements for wedding planners, engagement rings, and silverware in this issue. I guess marriage around 17 was a common practice back in the day? I'm sooo glad that isn't the standard now. You'd be hard-pressed to find such advertisements in today's version of the magazine.

I noted that SO MUCH EMPHASIS was put on looks..."ways to catch his eye" was the cover spread. The cover-model (in her interview) boasted about her clear skin (accredited to keeping it clean, clean, clean!) and weight (much too light for a girl of her height!)  Many, many ads for beauty products with false claims. Not much has changed in that department.

One advertisement made me giggle. It was written like a story. The header read:
WE LIKED GOING STEADY BUT... Why did we always quarrel?
The "article" went on to tell a sad story. This girl had been dating a guy for a while and they liked each other, but there was a strain on their relationship. The boyfriend couldn't make her happy--there was always something between them. Turns out, she had acne. (so that's the problem!) Her doctor suggested she try out a certain type of cream on her face. After she started using the "miracle cream" her skin started to clear, and she and her boyfriend were perfectly happy again. NO MORE FIGHTS!

Moral: you'd better buy plenty of face ointment so that you too will never quarrel with your boyfriend again!

[I hope the advertising agencies have learned some lessons now as far as catering to the teenage demographic.]

Forms for a mail-order dresses are sprinkled liberally throughout the magazine. Here's one such example:
The description reads:
"Sissy ruffles accent this pretty shirtwaist.
 In a wash and wear blend of
65% Dacron polyester and 35% combed cotton.
Green, blue, or pink. Sizes 3-15 $14.98"
 All you must do is detach the form, fill it out, and mail it off. The dress company will send you a bill and the dress. The only problem would be the sizing. They give no indication as to the scale of the sizes. If there's one thing to be known about fashion, it's that women's clothing sizes differ from brand to brand. (I could tell you all about that! Ugh!) If I were a teenager sending off for a mail-order dress, I might be disappointed a few times before getting it right. The dresses were not cheap for the time, either. The dresses were around $12-16, and (using an inflation calculator) the dresses would be around $90 in our modern-day currency. Sounds like the dresses were a bit of a gamble...Then there's the polyester factor. Don't get me started on the polyester. Polyester = ewww...

Oh, the articles go on. Interior decorating, the latest "dreamboat" actor, movies you don't want to miss, interviews with the up-and-coming actresses... and so on.

Here's an interesting quote that does date the magazine to the 60's:
"You see, a fellow's ego is a very important thing to him...he's sensitive to attempts to make him feel like a dope. So, if you've got an awful lot of knowledge stowed away in that pretty head of yours, perhaps the best way is to keep it on the shelves for a while, and take it down only when it is needed. In that way, there'll be more chances in the conversation for the fellow to take over and prove that he's the smartest guy you've ever met."

Good plan? Well, if you try it out, let me know how it goes.

One of the other big articles was about hosting a
Now that's a fun, wholesome, sticky and sweet idea. See what you can pick up from the past? Maybe there's a reason pancake parties didn't go over so well. Sounds like time for an experiment. Anyone up for some pancakes??

Ha-HA!! Take that, trimethylxanthine!!

I have cut back! Oh, have I ever.
The coffee consumption rate is dwindling.
Today was my first totally caffeine-free day. No tea, no cocoa, no coffee.
I've been edging back ssssllllllowwwly. Because, less than a month ago, I could have easily downed a pot of coffee (and I'm talking a twelve-cup machine here). But I cut back to just a cup a day, and then 1/2 a cup and now...a day of freedom!

Needless to say, I have caffeine issues (I've wondered, if it's needless to say, then why say it? Because I'm the mistress of the obvious, that's why)
I'd better not count my eggs before they hatch.
I have a definite thing for the drug. Something about holding and partaking of a warm cup of creamy hazelnut-flavored yumminess is wonderful.

Wanna know why coffee is so addicting? Where it came from? Wanna know the scientific mumbo-jumbo (other than my simple statement, "it makes me feel good")?? If so, click on the links to find out  How coffee works
How caffeine works

Saturday, September 04, 2010

You think we're going to see this?

shh! Headache in progress

I'm an addict. I thought it would never come to this; but I have to face up to it sometime. I need to tell myself that this Drug is not the answer. Caffeine does no good, and I know that the fix is always temporary...

Such signs and propoganda... tsk tsk
Ugh, I admit it. I have a dependency from which I need to untangle myself.
At first I thought I could give it up cold turkey. I soon found out that this is a painful process, and there are other people that I interact with daily that I must consider.
The withdrawal symptoms are drastic and turn me into a monster.

Everything about coffee draws me in. And it's so easy to obtain... There are different levels of potency, and I was going for the high-concentrate stuff. Enough is enough, I must give this up.

But NOT using the cold turkey method.

I have a dull headache. My brain feels like everything is foggy. I snap so much more easily.  I feel...pathetic.

My advice: don't play with such drugs. Peer pressure is not always a good thing, and caffeine is nothing to play with. Once you start, you're hooked...
See, it's a slow downward spiral. You start with a fluffy frappĂ© or over-sweetened fru-fru drink that has a hint of the coffee thing you know, you're drinking the stuff straight and strong. I should have known I was going too far when some of my fellow coffee drinking friends commented on the super-strength of the coffee we were drinking (as I was downing my drink like water and wondering if I should have made my coffee stronger...)

I'm in a complaining and moan-y mood. Time for a run--some good old-fashioned endorphins. Better for me than a cup of coffee...


Friday, September 03, 2010

How doth he!

HOW doth the little crocodile

Improve his shining tail,

And pour the waters of the Nile
On every golden scale!
How cheerfully he seems to grin!
How neatly spread his claws,
And welcomes little fishes in
With gently smiling jaws!

-lewis carroll
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