Wednesday, June 30, 2010

sickness and sunshine

I think I am sick.
This is a horrid feeling.

I'm working on a fun post, but I thought that I should just mention the fact that I have some sort of ickiness. I thought it might be allergies, and it still could be that, but...
Everything feels slightly off in reality. I feel sleepy all of the time. My nose is stuffed, I can't stop sneezing, and I don't feel comfortable in my own skin -- literally.
This too shall pass.
I need to be joyful and make the best of this.
But it is hard.
SO HARD when I feel miserable.
Benadryl has helped some, but it makes everything even foggier.
What's the lesser of the two evils? Mental fogginess and feeling okay? Or to have mental acuity but feel not so great?
Today I had my braces tightened.
When it rains, it pours, right?

I'm going to stop whining now. I'll go count my blessings.

This week is a chill week. It's summer!!

I got my SAT scores back, and they weren't terrible.

I have many friends who love me.

I have a wonderful family...

I'm going to keep going, but I won't post them all on here.

Wow, I'm feeling a bit better already...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Camp season!

Camp season is here people.
It's a happy time of the year. 
I'm SO looking forward to next week! When I get to counsel. 
This week I'm serving in the kitchen. It's fun, and I'd do it again if I was asked.
Feeding people is always rewarding. 
I'm becoming a pro at cutting large quantities of things, breaking eggs, and I have MASTERED (or have a better grasp of) saran wrap. That stuff is crazy. It loves to wrinkle up. ugh. BUT, after much practice, I can indeed use plastic wrap to cover various  food items.
What a feat!  

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Housesitting and the Joys therein

I've decided to abandon the ABC title thing. It was becoming too confining. I reached the letter "p" but "q"... ah well.

This past week, I've been house/dog-sitting for a family in my church.
It has been great fun. There are many adventures to be relayed. I'll take time to post them later. But a taste:

The dogs are both shih tzus. One is Max, the other is Molly. They have some personality, that is for sure. The one in the picture is Molly.
Molly is a dog's dog. She rolls in the grass, attempts to eat things that are lying on the sidewalk, and loves attention. She's a bit on the dumb side, but she's CUTE!
Max is an old man at heart. He takes FOREVER sniffing telephone poles, plants, anything. If I let him, he'd stop every few inches to sniff.
The dogs go for at least four walks a day. (That sounds impressive, no?)
But really, the walks are only usually about half a mile to a mile in length. It's just so they have an opportunity to go. Because it's a townhouse that we're in and the yard is pretty much non-existent.
I like this neighborhood. All of the houses look about the same. I don't really like that part, but I love how the landscaping is so pleasing to the eye, and how the trees hang down over the sidewalk. It's also very well lit, so at night you feel like it's mid-day.

House-sitting has been great too! The family, or at least the dad, loves gaming. He has the set-up. Crazily enough, I haven't even used the 360 or ps3. I'm afraid that if I start, I won't be able to stop. I have been checking out thier vast collection of movies, I can use the excuse that it's only an hour and then it's done...
In case you didn't know, I'm compulsive. I think I inherited it from Mom. So if I were to get stuck on a level in a game, it could be HOURS, DAYS... who knows.

It's good to AVIOD temptation, right? What's that verse? About fleeing youthful desires? I don't think Paul was referencing gaming, but for me, it would be a time-sucker.

...Because I want to be productive while I'm here. In about a week, I'll be counseling at camp. I want to make sure I'm prepared spiritually, mentally, and physically. And any other "-ly" that I can't think of at the moment.

Camp is so fun. I pray that it will be so. I love my girls. I'm praying for them this week.

Prayer is powerful. That sounds cliché, I know. But prayer is you communicating and communing with the maker of the universe. I don't think I know that you can't get any more powerful than that.
Wow, have you ever thought about something and it gives you a chill? That just happened when I took time to actually think that I talk to THE MAKER OF THE UNIVERSE. I have a relationship with Him.
I should so be unashamed of that.
It makes everything seem dull by comparison.
Serving Him to my utmost is going to be my goal this summer. It's easy to get bogged down in details, as I am apt to do, but I'm going to try out some perspective.

Monday, June 07, 2010

In which I say nothing, but there are words to be read.

Much to say...

So, I decided that I wouldn't post anything until I went for my run.
Tonight, I got one in.
How I LOVE running.
The endorphins, the accomplishment. The feeling of being fit...

Okay, now I don't know what to blog on.
I have a wide variety of topics here.
I could talk about my life, my thoughts, etc...
Ugh. before I thought I didn't have anything, now there is too much!
Should I go chronologically?
That would make sense, I suppose.

Welll, next post will pick up where I left off.

This post is simply here to annoy you.

Did you notice something about my posts? They're alphabetical. In reverse order.
Q may be a hard one...
Oh, and this one does not count as a "real post".)

mkay, where is that sign off button?
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