Hey, so you want to know about me?

Oh. You don't know what you're asking for!

I am a college kid trying to figure out life. I make mistakes (though I rarely admit it)
My tongue is usually {figuratively} in my cheek when I talk. Lots of people have not picked up on this yet.

I'm studying Nutrition Science and Food Science, which means I'm a foodie, and also pretty health-conscious.

I love drama. Love it. But not inter-personal drama.
I love taking pictures.
I love extreme activities.

I guess my 'type' is a dime-a-dozen, but I don't find myself fitting into stereotypes (does anyone, really?)

My blog hasn't found a stereotype yet, either. Exercise/diet? Running? Photography? Essays? reviews? ...who knows? My blog is young and so am I.
{though the blog is about 3 years old. In internet-time, that's old.}


Q: What's your name? (most people ask me this upon meeting me. It counts as an FAQ)

Makenzie. It is spelled a special way, because I'm a special girl. ;)
It also means that I can never find a personalized keychain, unless I'm okay with Mackenzie or McKenzie.
I used to feel bad for the keychain manufacturers who didn't know how to spell "Makenzie" properly.
Now I'm okay with it.

Q: Why are you blogging?
Because it's therapeutic.
Because I like to look back on where I've been.
Because it motivates me.
Because I like sharing my thoughts.

Q: Who is your target audience?
...Um, you.

I sometimes post a little too much information, but I do try to keep in mind that anyone in the world (with internet access and my url) could read what I post. I type to the world in general, though I guess my advice is only really relevant to...
...someone out there.

Q: Where did you get your hair?
My hair is genetic. Most homosapeins have hair.
If you mean the color, check this post out. I delve into this issue of having copper-colored hair, and how it impacts me in a bio-psycho-social way.

Q: Where are you from?
I'm from the southeast USA. I have lived in the south, I'm definitely a southerner. I fought it when I was younger, but it is in the blood. I can lapse into a southern accent so deep, non-southerners scratch their heads.
...but most of the time, there is no accent.
I have yankee friends, so I'm diverse.
I also might put on an accent if I'm bored. You never know.

Have a question?
comment! (Comments make me happy.)

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