Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm still sickish.
I haaaate this.
But this is not "post whining and complaining blog" this is Multifarious Musings.
It will return soon. Hopefully.

Friday, December 09, 2011

I am sick of being sick.
I'm pretty sure I look like a crazy person as I attempt to run errands. I was id-ed for buying such a great quantity of meds. I'm not a druggie, wal-mart people, I promise...

Will I ever feel normal again? Because I don't feel like myself at all.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

From Eeyore to Tigger

Today was quite busy. I was not looking forward to my schedule when I woke up this morning. I felt like a stale cookie: Crummy.

Or kind of Eeyore-y:

Calculus class, Work, Errands...all while feeling sick.
It was also a long day. 
It wasn't my favorite day.
Thursdays have this habit of being the day that everything tries to cram itself into.Thursdays are happening days apparently.

So anyways, I got a random call at about 3 in the afternoon while I was on my break at work.

Me: "Hello?"
Voice: "Hey there! The flowers, well, I'm afraid your cat is going to eat them."
Me: "Oh, ok. Wait, what flowers??"
Voice: "I'm delivering flowers to your house, and I was afraid that if I didn't call, that your cats would eat the flowers. I put them on your porch."
Me: "Oh, okay! Great! Thank you." 

I had no idea who this person was. Confused, I called my parents to let them know about this new development. They said they'd check it out.

After finishing work, I came home to a dozen red roses.


If that wasn't enough, I got a text telling me to check my doorstep.
I did and there was a GIANT BAG OF CHOCOLATE.

100 lindt balls, to be exact.


I am now a happy camper.

So so so so so so so soooooooooooooooo super-happy.

Oh my gracious, I am blessed.

Like, you may have no idea just how super giddy and happy that sort of thing makes me feel.

That is all for today. I was feeling like Eeyore, but now I feel more like Tigger. A tigger that needs some cough meds and sleep, but a Tigger nonetheless.
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