Thursday, June 20, 2013


In the past months, I've had many false starts on posts.

I sit, begin to type...

...and then my train of thought just fizzles out. I lose motivation so I give up.

I know that no one wants to read halfhearted writing. As a past paper-grading TA, I know the feeling very well now. [Though you aren't reading this to grade it, right? Hey, judgement-free zone.]

Now it's not as if I have a wide readership or anything (Hi Mom and three fantabulous people who read this!) however, the times I HAVE received fantastic feedback on posts have been the times when I have a odd nagging desire to just type the words out.
It's like the words ache to be written. ...I can't explain it without sounding loony.

Anyways, back on point: I just don't know what direction to take this blog.
It is so jumbled, so hodgepodge, it faces such an identity crisis. It fits into no nice little genre, save perhaps the idea that it's my thoughts typed out for an audience I can't see.

As I've considered moving the blog, revamping the blog, etc. (but never deleting it. NEVER) I've realized that this blog is a beautifully messy thing. It is a prime indicator of my growth over the past four (has it been that long?) years. It's a collaborative collage of the events of my life.

I think I am going to try to bring back more frequent blog posts. They're gloriously cathartic.

I'm not going to push them off on people too terribly much. Only if I think it's potentially a valid point will I say on facebook or twitter:

"Hey lookit! You guys, I wrote stuff! *insert link here*"

I do enough shameless plugging as it is.

But rather I shall just write for writing's sake. I write because in reading back through my posts I'm reminded of who I was, who I am, and who I hope to be. This is accessible anytime, anywhere by anyone (anyone with my URL and an ability to sift through long posts, that is)
Anyways, here's to reignition!



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